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Here’s where you can get an immediate estimate of the cost of your project and then place your order directly online (or give us a call).

But firstly you’ll need to figure out the area in sq. ft. of the space you want to cover. Then simply enter this figure into our calculator below for an instant estimate of how many 24” x 24” pavers you’ll need, together with the estimated total cost. If you need help in figuring out your requirements, or if the calculator is not working in your browser, just give us call. You can (optionally) get an estimate of the cost of of the 3/8″ high rubber pads if you are intending to lay the pavers over existing concrete

Provided your requested pavers are in stock, you can expect them to arrive at your home 3-7 days after we have confirmed your order and received your payment.

Note that pavers are packed in cardboard cartons of 2 pcs., so the calculator will always round up the estimate of pavers to the next even number.

Also note that this is an estimate only, does NOT include sales tax (only applicable to shipping addresses in CA and MD) or the shipping cost and will be the MINIMUM quantity of pavers required. If any pavers need to be cut or if the area is not a perfect square or rectangle, you might need a few additional pavers.

If you wish to proceed with an online order, click the ORDER NOW button below which will take you to a page to enter your contact details. When we get this form, we’ll give you a call or email you to confirm the added shipping cost.  Alternatively, just give us a call and one of our salespeople will be delighted to help you.

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